Saturday, February 7, 2009

Edward Abbey trolling in his grave

In this video on YouTube, a commenter has posted this lengthy quote from Edward Abbey:

The fat pink slobs who go roaring over the landscape in these over-sized over-priced over-advertised mechanical mastodons are people too lazy to walk, too ignorant to saddle a horse, too cheap and clumsy to paddle a canoe. Like cattle or sheep, they travel in herds, scared to death of going anywhere alone, and they leave their sign and spoor all over the back country: Coors beer cans, Styrofoam cups, plastic spoons, balls of Kleenex, wads of toilet paper, etc...

I don't know the people in this video. But in the interest of disclosure: Last weekend I went four-wheeling with a friend in the direction of Chiva Falls, but were turned back for lack of second mastodon to help in case of trouble. We left no trace, other than our promise to return with a herd--and maybe with a mountain bike if I can think of a way not to seem all uppity about it.

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Ron said...

Just a quick note:4x4 organizations host "sign and spoor" removal events several times a year.