Monday, August 31, 2009

Paper Anniversary

I took part in a challenge to write a song using only the chords Em, F, Am, and C.

I sat down and started writing what was on my mind, which narrowed down to this--pushing aside a number of older song ideas. I wrote, arranged and recorded it in one stretch--I finished at about 5 AM yesterday.

It's a little different for me, I think.

It's the first time I've done it all in one day. It's also the first song I've written for my wife. The part about us sleeping on a couch in San Francisco on our anniversary is true (but it was a fold-out couch).


Chuck Cheesman said...

Wow! This is easily my favorite thing you've done. I think it's great! Seems to rely less on cleverness and more on personal/emotional honesty.

I also dig the guitar tone a lot!

Ted said...

Thanks Chuck. I got to thinking, and realized this is the only straightforward love song I've ever written. I've only written broken-heart songs, and I-fucked-up-a-relationship songs. This is an I'm-terrified-that-I-might-fuck-up-and-break-my-heart song.

Feel free to cover it. You already know the chords.

Oh: The guitar patch is built into my Boss Micro BR. It's called "Nashville" and it's probably my favorite to use with my Tele.

Chuck Cheesman said...

"This is an I'm-terrified-that-I-might-fuck-up-and-break-my-heart song."

It sure is, and it delivers the goods!

I love that. I love when the lyrics take the listener into the singer's emotional space. In the real world we usually aggressively defend that space. As a songwriter, you can give yoursef the license to open the door. It's liberating and pretty damn satisfying! I like to think it takes a bit of courage.

Ron said...

Really great...I'm diggin' it.It may be my favorite as well.