Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Abbie Hoffman Incident

In 1969, at Woodstock, Abbie Hoffman tried to commandeer The Who's stage to make a political statement. Pete Townshend physically removed Hoffman from the stage. Accounts vary as to whether it was a gentle bump, a jab in the back with the end of the guitar, or a "tennis racket" style smash on the head.

The Who were playing at 4 AM, so I think Pete might have been grumpy.

This is a piece of music I created using sound from the incident. I don't know if it counts as songwriting.

Note: The audio is Not Safe For Work.

This is my first experiment with samples and looping since I was a teenager playing with cassette tapes, a project I called "Paint Thinner."

I added fuzz bass and drum sequencing. The synthesizer parts are played on a Kaossilator by Nigel Rayner--a kindred spirit I've never met in person.

Here is the audio of the incident:

Abbie Hoffman Incident by The Who on Grooveshark


Ron said...

The Kaossilator dressed it up nicely, good job guys!

Chuck Cheesman said...

You just had to get that love song out of your system, didn't you?

LOL! Very cool...

Ted said...

It might seem like it, but it's more the other way around. I started working on this back in June, and worked on it bit-by-by for two months. Paper Anniversary flared into my head when Abbie was all done but the Kaossilator, flushing the "pile of shit" out of my system.