Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Porno pirate props to me

I've been mentioned by name in a pornographic pirate song.

How many people can say that? Well, at least 18.

A little background:

I've been a regular contributor on, an online home recording and songwriting community. This month's theme is pirate music. As with many or most online communities, the participants rarely ever meet in person. But this month, four prominent songcrafters decided to change that. Three British members ventured up to Norway and spent a weekend with a Norwegian member in his "cabin" in the woods.

The foursome had a prolific weekend composing and recording music. Hey Ho was the pirate song they produced, and it includes this lovely quatrain:
we had wet dreams beneath the stars
the cabin lad had died
so Ted got out his Johnson
and waved it at the sky
And 17 or more members of the community are also mentioned.

Here is the song. It's not safe for work.

Not all of songs they created over the weekend are in this vein. They are sad, silly, sweet, and stunning. And they are all worth a listen. Find them here: British Invasion of Norway 2010